Harvest time in Kathmandu Valley

Harvest time in Kathmandu Valley

Our trip to Nepal earlier this year was the pinnacle of our travels so far. Not only have we trekked for fifteen days in the Himalayas all the way to Everest Base Camp, not only have we basked in the sounds, colors, incense and rituals of the Kathmandu temples, not only have I learned that true joy of life and has nothing to do with material wealth, not only have I relished in fifteen days of conversations with our Sherpa guide, friend and protector Temba Sherpa… a soul so clean and bright as I have rarely seen… not only… countless glimpses of blooming rhododendrons, flowers, birds… humbling encounters with Buddhist monks and smiling children everywhere…

Not only that. The day that I recount here was a gift, an unexpected offer that comes one’s way in serendipity, and if you’re open-minded and open-hearted, you trust and follow… and then you’re grateful. The driver we hired for our Kathmandu days both before and after the trek suggested a day in rural Kathmandu Valley at the end of our trip, to which both our trek organizer and our airline agent seemed reluctant.

Well… we went. It remains with me as one of the most memorable days in Nepal. Rarely have I been surrounded by so many smiles… I do not want to comment about the bare existence of these souls… they’re richer than anyone I know! It was close and personal, humbling, emotional… above all… beautiful

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