The silver-lining of transatlantic jetlag

East of Atlantic – burning midnight oil, when body asks for sleep and mind is spacey… some other you awakens and in the silent hour of the still – unexpected connections happen… so you feel wiser than you think you are… as if your senex is poking you from depths…

West of Atlantic – bright eyed and wide awake before the night-lights switch off, rested and renewed, you go outside and witness a new mood of time – ethereal innocence of the world in unsuspecting backyard birds enacting morning rituals of feather preening and early sun basking… a new you thinks is seeing world for the first time, your puer coming out to play…


One thought on “The silver-lining of transatlantic jetlag

  1. So glad you’ve started this blog… love the first snippet of crisp thinking.
    If you were to enable a “subscription” widget, I’d gladly subscribe to it.
    Well done Cecilia…

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